This 18 Year Old Boy Wins The Nasa ‘Moon’ Prize For Proposing An Elevator From Earth To Moon

An 18 years old boy named Sai Kiran P from Chennai has been awarded the second prize in the grade 12 category of the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest 2017.

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Sai Kiran P has proposed an elevator which will take you from the earth to the moon to make human settlement possible on the lunar surface.

The title of his project was “Connecting Moon, Earth and Space” and “HUMEIU Space Habitats“.

He started working on this project back in 2013 when he was living in Singapore. According to him, the first part of his project is about creating an elevator which will transport humans and cargo directly to the Moon so that humans can settle there.

“The most important aspect was that of gravity as without gravity, humans won’t be able to settle there,” he said.

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