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Bold To Bald: Jennifer Winget New look In Beyhadh

TV actor Jennifer Winget posted a picture of her bald look on Instagram, her fan clubs have gone on an overdrive, with some lauding her guts and some wondering why she would go to such extremes for an on-screen role.

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To break it to you, the actor hasn’t got her head shaved and it’s all been done with the help of prosthetics.

“I’ve never done anything as crazy as this with my look before. I was definitely nervous as to how the whole look would turn out. But I’m so glad it’s worked and all credit goes to the team behind this look. Even I was stunned when I saw the finished look,” says Jennifer.

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Following a small leap, Jennifer’s character undergoes major physical changes too. After a bald look, the actor is now sporting a short hair look.

The wavy bob, done by celebrity hair stylist Adhuna Bhabani, has a coffee brown shade with honey highlights.

Ask Jennifer if it was hard to get convinced to cut short her hair, and she says, “Absolutely not! Something like hair grows back…so that’s no biggie! In fact, this was the look that I had been waiting for since we first started shooting for the show. It started with mahogany reddish brown long tresses, then experimenting with various hairstyles in that look, then the bald shocker came.”

Jennifer’s new look in the show’s climax turned out so gorgeous that the styling team termed the look “The Jennifer!” On whether she’s okay experimenting with her look so drastically, the actor adds, “I would definitely weigh my options and then take the route best suited for the ultimate storyline and character portrayal. As actors, we’re lucky to get opportunities like this to experiment with different looks and push the boundaries with the different roles we’re offered. I’ve taken full advantage of it, and it’s exciting to look forward to a one-up for yourself.”

Jennifer says, “That anxiety is there before doing anything new. But we won’t know we can overcome it unless we take a shot. If it works, it’s fantastic. If it doesn’t, you challenge yourself some more and try something else.”

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