The Cost Of This Smartphone Is Rs 2.3 Crores, What’s So Special In It?

Luxury phone manufacturer Vertu has launched the Signature Cobra Smartphone today. It has been assembled in China. The price of this phone is around 2.47 million Chinese yuan or 2.3 million indian rupees. Since its too much expensive, this phone has not been designed for the general public.

This is a Limited Edition phone and only 8 units of this phone will be manufactured. According to Gizchina’s report, a unit of this phone will be made available at China’s e-commerce website JD.com. If the customer wants to buy this phone then they have to make a down payment of 1,000 Chinese yuan i.e. around 10,000 rupees. You will be shocked to know that this phone will be delivered from Helicopter. This phone was made by French jewelry brand Boucheron. More information about this phone is not currently available.

What’s so Special about this phone?

Its design is made from snake skin. The snake design is Cobra. This phone has 439 rubies and Emerald has been installed in the eyes. In addition, 388 different parts are given in this phone. Based on the design, Vertu Signature Cobra Limited looks very close to the company’s signature phone.

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