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[VIDEO] Have You Ever Seen A Stylish Monkey Making A Shave From An Electric Shaver? MUST WATCH!!!

On a social media these days a video is being viral, in which a red carpet shirt and a monkey wearing cartoon character shoe in the feet is making a beard with electric shaver.

This video was uploaded on the Instagram’s Bad Ace official page. The monkey seen in the video is pet and someone is making a beard in the bathroom.

The monkey is standing here and making a comfortable shave. Apart from this, the monkey hair style is also quite different.


Military style haircutting is quite shut on this. This video has seen 3.15 lakh people in six hours and more than 1200 comments have been received.

The monkey also faces the other side after becoming a big styling on one side and it points out that it has happened and now make it here. After a clean shave, the monkey starts hitting the styling.

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