This Four-Year-Old Boy Abhishikt Kumar Gupta from Jharkhand is Another ‘Google Boy’

Do you remember six-year-old Kautilya Pandit from Haryana who is popular as “Google Boy” ???

Abhishikt Kumar Gupta, 4 years and 10 months old is much younger and equally talented. He belongs to Sarmandi Village in Jharkhand’s around 60 kilometers east from Ranchi.

He can give you brief description about 210 countries and identify every country’s flag. He can also explain you the periodic table which is taught in the high school. He knows every controversial leaders around the globe.

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The best in him is, he can learn anything new shown to him within few minutes. The child’s talent remain confined to his village for almost 2 years. The child’s father used to buy him new books for knowledge. However, the child use to memorize the books within few minutes and ask for more new books to learn from.

Once a person from his village took the father-son duo to the state education department in Ranchi where authorities were spellbound on learning about the child’s abilities in memorizing things with easy and general aptitude.

The authorities offered to help the child to get admission in the Delhi Public School (DPS). Few days back, the family is shifted to Ranchi and completed the admission formalities.

Abhishikt stepped into the school and impressed the teachers on his very first day.

In my 26 years of teaching, I have never come across a child like him,” said Jaya Prasad, in-charge of DPS primary section.

It would be a big challenge for us to teach him. He is a silent child with a very sharp knowledge,” she added. The principal has assured the parents that they would hire specialists to teach him if needed.

He was admitted in Delhi Public School (DPS) under the Right to Education Act section 12 (1) (C). The education department will take care of the school fees while the Union Bank of India has promised to pay for his uniforms and study materials.

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