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The Girl Who Survived Because of Boyfriend in the Titanic Accident, Her Coat Sold for 1.4 million

If you had seen the film Titanic, you might remember that the girl’s life in that film was left after her boyfriend. He was involved in the Titanic crew, who was killed in the biggest marine incident of his time and sold the fur coat worn during the woman’s accident, which was sold at auction for $ 232,000 (Rs 1.4 crore).

According to the news agency Xinhua, on Saturday auction this fur coat was sold at double the price and it was bought by the UK collector.

Mabel Bennett, who was involved in the crew of Titanic, had to wear a full cover cover to save himself from the difficult weather of the North Atlantic before riding in the lifeboat during the crash.

He escaped in a Titanic accident and died in 1974 at the age of 96. Bennet gave this quote to one of his relatives in the 60’s. Until recently, this coat was put in the exhibition along with things related to Titanic in America.

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According to Andr Eldridge, the company that organizes this auction, this coat is the most attractive item in the things to be auctioned in recent years. A slip is also attached to the coat, which says, ‘This coat is worn by Great Ant Mabel, who was a nurse in Titanic.’

It is written on the slip, “During the Titanic incident, he was in the night’s clothes and the first thing he picked up before riding in the lifeboat to save his life was this coat. My aunt gave me this coat around the 1960s. ‘

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