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He Got Arrested For Sending An Email About Plane Hijack! Reason Will Shock You

Last week, threatening email which was sent to Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai Airport has proved to be a fake.

The youth accused of threatening police inquiries told that he had done this to avoid going to Goa with his girlfriend. After the threat, security of Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad airports was increased. Security agencies had said that terrorists can hijack any plane from any of these three airports.

According to the police, Vamshi Chaudhary is a transport agent. He was running out of money.

For this reason, he wanted to save girlfriend from going on a journey to Mumbai and Goa. That’s why he sent a fake mail to blow Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad Airport. In the investigation, it was learned that this mail was sent from Hyderabad and with the help of Cyber ​​Expert, the police searched the IP address and he was arrested.

DCP Lime Reddy of the task force said that the man’s girlfriends live in Chennai. He had asked his girlfriend to cancel the trip but she refused. After this, he come up with the idea of Plane Hijack threat, so that the flights would get interrupt and he could not avoid going on a trip.

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