Government to Soon Ban Late Night and Rave Parties in Goa

Goa Water Resources Minister Vinod Palyekar has decided place a complete ban on these parties within the state in two weeks.

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He said that the government has already stopped 80% of these parties and within the next two weeks, all the parties will be banned as the police have already been instructed.

Our coast is infested with the sale and trafficking of drugs. There is absolutely no control over it. We need to stop it. First of all, we need to stop the rave parties and all night parties which are happening here as there is abuse of drugs in them,” Palyekar told reporters.

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Late night parties are not part of our culture. We need not encourage them. They should be shut down immediately,” the minister said.

Despite many warnings and reminders late night music goes on until 3-4 am that is making issues not just for aged folks however additionally to the student community who are going to appear Board exams.

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