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This Guy Proposed His Girlfriend After Completing The Marathon Race, Here’s What Happened Next

First impression is the last impression, this line is quite applicable in the case of Love. Girls love to propose style so much that they can not refuse.

Something similar was seen in Ohio. Here a man adopted the place and method to propose that the girl got emotional and quickly accepted the proposal.

The Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon was organized in Ahio. The video of Marathon has also been shared on Facebook, showing that Stephanie Lesco, as soon as the marathon completes in the female category, Dan Horvath proposes them. Sharing this video, Marathon has written, “Bling … and a ring!”

Dane Horvath and Stephanie Lesco met three years ago during the marathon. For nearly a year, Dane was waiting for the occasion to propose.

He said, ‘When it comes to proposing myself, I thought, if Stephanie is offered on completing the marathon, then seeing the happiness of her face will be a different experience.’

Bling…and a ring!

Posted by Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon on Sunday, 21 May 2017

Dan Horvath said that in the fifth attempt he has completed the marathon race. He completed the race in 4:03.14 minutes.

At the same time Stefani said that he did not realize at all that after the marathon was completed he would get to see this special moment.

The video shows that Stephanie is going to cross the line to complete the marathon, while the front Dane is kneeling on the knees. As soon as Stephanie approaches, Dane proposes to him.

Both embrace the throat. There were tears of joy in their eyes. Dane removes the ring and worn Stephanie. All the people present there start playing applause. The whole atmosphere is of happiness.

This method of proposing is becoming viral on social media.

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