Meet ‘Rekha Mishra’ The Courageous Lady RPF Officer Who Rescued 434 Kids In One Year!

Rekha Mishra of RPF who is currently posted in Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus has saved 400+ children last year.

In the Mumbai division of the Central Railway, the Railway Police had rescued 1150 children last year out of which she helped save 434 children alone.

These children were either lost or were in any difficulty, the special thing is that Mishra had just joined the sub-inspector RPF last year.

Rekha Mishra, 32, who originally belongs to Allahabad says that she has always been taught to respect elders and take care of children.

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She said she belongs to an Army family. Rekha’s father Surendra Narayan retired from the Indian army while his three brothers are in the Indian army.

Whenever she is on duty with her colleague Shivaram Singh on the Terminus, she always keep on looking for those people who are feeling alone in the crowd.

As per records,” Ms. Mishra says, “Most of them are from U.P. and Bihar.” Almost all the children found are from 13 to 16 years old.

Sometimes, though the children are too young and unfamiliar with the world outside their homes, it is so difficult to even get their addresses and names of their family members from them.

There was one case of a boy who couldn’t speak or hear, and the RPF had to call in experts in sign language to understand him.

Sadly, out of the 434 rescued children she has handled, the RPF was only able to trace the parents of 28; the rest had to be handed over to the Child Welfare Committee for further action.

Sachin Bhalode, Senior Divisional Security Commissioner, CR, RPF, said, “This is different type of work, and one has to be very dedicated and needs a special skill which, Ms. Mishra has.

This is a very responsible job, handling sensitive cases. She has done a commendable job and we are in a process of recommending her for rewards,” – he added.

“I feel very blessed and happy that God helps in doing such work,” Ms. Mishra says.

I always pray to God that gives me strength to help others, especially senior citizens, children, and poor people. I work for around 12–14 hours a day, and make sure that I don’t regret anything when I go to bed.” – she added.

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