Not Just The Film, ‘Baahubali Saree’ Is Also Getting Hit. Check out!!!

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion‘, the much-awaited film has finally been released and People are ready to pay any amount by standing in the long queues for the film’s ticket. Now after the film hits the box office, Baahubali sarees are also getting a super hit in the market.

Telugu writer Rajani Shakuntala is the one who designed Bahubali saree. Rajani Shakuntala is also a big fan of Baahubali film. Just like there are millions of more people across the country. Being with the creative world, he decided to meet with his friends to make Baahubali a part of his wardrobes.

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After this, a printing mile of Andhra Pradesh was ordered to design a saree with a picture of the movie Baahubali. The first 50 sarees were prepared for a close friend group. Those who wore this saree planned to watch the movie on the very first day.

Raveena Tandon shared this photo on Twitter –

The picture of Devsena and Baahubali on this saree was given Place on Pallu. Rajani Shakuntala posted this photo on Facebook, which was shared on Whatsapp and it became viral. Rajani told that his friends and other people are also asking them how they can order this saree. They said we are now preparing to make 500 sarees of Baahubali. This time we will also use pictures of Rana Duggunbati and Ramya.

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