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Rahul Khanna Shared A Wonderful Picture Of The Stock In Memory Of His Father

Rahul Khanna, son of actor and politician Vinod Khanna, has tweeted a picture that touched the heart Monday.

Four days after the death of his father fighting cancer, Rahul has tweeted this picture of his family holiday.

In this picture taken decades ago, Rahul and Akshay Khanna are having fun with their father in the sea. Vinod is talking to his two younger sons in the middle of the ocean waves.

A woman in the waves behind her is seen in the swim suit. But in the picture it is not clear whether she is Vinod’s first wife Gitanjali or someone else.

His tweet –

This is Vinod Khanna’s smiling face and personality in which we always want to remember Vinod Khanna, Not with the viral picture that came from the hospital in his last time.

Thank you all for Rahul Khanna for this picture, who gave the same smiling face to Vinod Khanna once again in front of everyone who had millions of hearts. From his smile, Vinod Khanna had ruled the hearts of those who wanted to.

At the age of 70, Vinod Khanna lost the battle of life in Mumbai’s hospital, struggling with cancer. Everybody went mourning when Vinod went The people of the family, friends and fans all drowned in sadness.

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