Sunny Leone Larrowly Escapes Plane Crash, posts Video Tells How Alive

Sonny Leoni’s life survived from pornstar to Bollywood Actress, The incident happened Wednesday when their plane crashed due to bad weather. Sunny Leoni was in her private plane during the incident.

At that time, her husband Danielle Beber and some team members were also with him in that private plane. Sunny gave information about the plane crash to his fans in his Twitter account by posting a video.

He also thanked his fans and God. Well tell you, this incident happened in Maharashtra with Sunny. Sunny, praising the pilot, said, “We are all alive and we thank God for the pilot’s discrepancy.

According to the news, Sunny went to a village in Maharashtra with her husband, Danielle Beber and some friends. He went to the private plane to go to this area.

Their plane was flying at high altitudes from the ground. Suddenly, the weather suddenly got worse. The plane could crash between the severe storm. But immediately the pilot looked at his senses.

Gradually, the plane was dropped into the ground. After this incident Sunny left for Bombay with a bi-road car with her husband and friend.

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