Uber Charges Rs. 5325 For Just 6 KM Ride

An engineer from Mysore, Praveen B. S. Took the Uber cab from Bangalore Railway Station to reach the Satellite Bus Stop, Mysore Road, but when the 6 kilometer journey was completed and the driver pressed the end of the journey, the meter pumped the bill of five thousand three hundred twenty five (5,325) rupees.

When Praveen refused to pay the bill, the driver told that his real bill was 103 rupees, the rest was his old dues. After this, the driver immediately called the Uber Call Center. From there the driver got a message that till the passenger did not pay the bill, do not let him get off the cab.

There was a lot of debate between the two after this. Praveen has repeatedly kept saying that there is a technical disturbance due to which the bill has got disturbed. After this the driver called the police. The police told the police station to reach the police station but the problem was that who would pay the bill, the driver said that the bill will also be given to the customer. When Praveen told the police the whole story, the police asked him to pay only 103 rupees. The driver said that he was also upset because when he does not recover the money from the customer, the company will deduct five thousand rupees from his account. However, later the Uber Official apologizes to Praveen describing it as a technical glitch.

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