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This video of Sunny Leone is obscene to some leaders, what do you think?

Concerned Sunny Leone has started talking again. According to which Sonu Nigam is surrounded by Headlines, it is a big thing that Sunny Leone is talking about. People have problems with Sunny’s addiction to a condom. According to people, the addiction of condom is so obscene that it should not be on TV.

Women’s Wing of Republican Party of India has filed this objection and said that these TV ads are pornographic and are immoral. According to this party, Sunny Leone’s expression shown in it is obscene. For this, the Women’s Wing of Republican Party of India has appealed to the country’s Information and Broadcasting Ministry that this ad should not be shown on TV.

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Sunny Leone replied, “The country’s Democracy is its biggest strength. And Free Speech is a part of Democracy. According to me, it should be left over to the government that what is right for the people of the country and what is wrong. So I am not anyone who can tell anyone what to do and what not to be done.

Regarding Sunny Leone, when all such ‘Republican parties’ speak, they talk only after shrinking nose and mouth. The reason is that Sunny Leone was a porn actress before coming to Bollywood. And the criteria for the highest number of porn searches in the world is considered to be a very big unethical work. Google Trends gives proof of Sunny Leone’s search in the online way in the country. In the last one year, the country’s two biggest names- Narendra Modi and Virat Kohli’s internet search should be compaired from the search of Sunny Leone, then what can be seen here.

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