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After Watching This Thrilling Video Of 2 Buses Racing In ‘Desi’ Style You Will Forget ‘Fast and Furious 8’

A video is being viral on social media, in which two buses are showing race.

This video belongs to Coimbatore-Polachi Highway, The drivers of both the buses have been arrested and their license has also been canceled.

Both drivers were driving the buses so fast that the vehicles on the road were somehow able to escape from them. They were both driving on the wrong side.


Such incidents are often seen on this highway, The drivers of private buses perform such acts, which not only endanger the lives of the passengers in the bus but also keep the danger of a major accident on the road.

After the video was viral on the social media, the police arrested both the drivers and canceled their license and also inform the owners of the bus.

Police say that the matter is being questioned. In fact, bus driver races to reach the highway early.

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