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This Woman is the winner of a Brand New Car for 50 Hours of Continuous Kiss.

You must have heard about KISS to express love or affection, but a woman has got an expensive car due to a long kiss.

This thing may have seemed a bit awkward to you, but this is true. Austin Radio Station 96.7 KISS FM organized the Kiss a KIA contest.


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In it, competitors had to kiss the KIA Optima LX car (KISS). According to the competition rules, the competitor who will continue to do KISS for this car for a long time will receive this car as an award.

Twenty people took part in the competition, but in the Austin of Texas, Delli Jaysaura took the car to KISS for the longest time.

Dinini continued to KISS car for 50 hours continuously.

Facebook Live was also started for the first four hours of this weird competition. However, the participants participating in the competition also suffered significant losses. Due to the long lasting of the lips in the car, swelling came on the face and many of them got blisters.

Watch video:-

KISS A KIA: The 96.7 KISSFM endurance contest continues as contestants keep their lips on a Kia Optima in the hopes of being the last person so they can win it! bit.ly/2oGncqI

Posted by FOX 7 Austin on Monday, 17 April 2017

Due to long standing, participants complained of pain in the waist and in the body.

The long-time car won by the winner, the actress was very happy. The pain of his face was more than the pleasure of becoming a winner.

It is said that in the long run, competition for winning a car instead of KISS has been held. A US woman has a record of winning a car by KISS for 70 hours.

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