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World’s First Ever Selfie Was Taken By Robert Cornelius in 1839

A 30 years old, Robert Cornelius took what is believed to be the World’s First Selfie (Self-Portrait).

In October 1839, he took the world’s first selfie while standing in the yard behind his family’s lamp store in Philadelphia.

Here is the Selfie –

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He setup his camera at the back of his father’s shop and removed the lens, ran into the frame and sat still for around five minutes before running back and replacing the lens. While doing this, he had created history what is now believed to be the first photographic self-portrait or Selfie.

Not only this, but also he became a Photographer Specializing in Portraits, but he only managed to do it for 2 years before returning to his father’s lamp business. He then worked for around 20 years and held many patents for improved lamp designs. His business became the largest lighting company in Philadelphia.

Robert Cornelius retired in 1877 as a wealthy man. He died in 1893, aged 84.

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